Spectroscopic data analysis with iSpec

Spectroscopic Summer School

26-29 June 2018, Wroclaw, Poland

Useful Python packages for astronomy

Materials for hands-on activities (day 1 with Python).

Materials for hands-on activities (day 2 with Python).


iSpec is a tool for the treatment and analysis of stellar spectra. More information can be found at the following webpage:


Technical requirements

The participants are required to have installed and tested on their own computers all the software that will be used during the school - iSpec and python.

The instructions for installing iSpec have been provided on the web site https://www.blancocuaresma.com/s/iSpec. The organizers will distribute the needed instructions, including several ways of installing iSpec, several weeks before the beginning of the workshop, encouraging everybody to have iSpec installed. They will also provide all help that will be possible remotely.